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E. Texas residents say new business is flooding their homes

Steven Oaks has lived on Westwood Drive most of his life. Until now, he says there has never been a flooding issue. He says the liquor store, which was built last year on a man-made hill, is at the center of his frustration.

The back of the liquor store's property, he says, slopes down so dramatically that rain run-off rushes right into his backyard.

"This summer, I contacted the city and asked them what they gonna do because this gonna flood my house," he told us.

Oaks also said he contacted the Mayor of Troup, but didn't receive any solutions.  He also contacted the liquor store.

"I had several contacts with them and they said that it's not their problem...it's my problem. And, they've done everything they've done legally," said Oaks.

During the rain storm Thursday evening, Oaks says water from the liquor store property rushed down into his home.

"We was just watching it and here it come and I couldn't stop it," he told us.

Oaks says he has spent thousands of dollars on fans and other equipment to dry out his home.

His next door neighbor, Donna Thompson Dowdy has the same story. Her family has lived in the home for 20 years. The water run-off, she says, left her backyard and patio under several feet of muddy water--which also flooded her family's home.

Now, she is worried about the long term damage from the flood.

"What I'm afraid of is probably mold. Or, that staying damp under the kitchen counter...which we will have to have rebuilt," said Dowdy.

Residents on Westwood Drive don't necessarily want the liquor store to leave...they just want this "soaking issue" to dry up.

Our crew tried to contact the Mayor of Troup, but didn't receive a response.  Operators of the liquor store declined to talk to us about the issue.

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