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Toronto Lockridge guilty in murder trial

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The second trial for a Longview man accused of murder and arson ends with a guilty verdict. 25 year old Toronto Lockridge had been on trial for the past four days for a 2009 murder in which arson was used to cover up evidence. Judge Alfonso Charles read the jury's verdict.

"We the jury find the defendant Toronto e Lockridge guilty of murder," Charles said.

That verdict brought tears of joy and sorrow from the gallery at the 124th judicial court, in a trial that embroiled families of both victim and accused in conflict.

"He's part of my family , at the same time kelbo was a friend of mine also so its just hard on both sides," says Lockridge cousin Erica Minnefield, who was also a friend of the victim Kelvin Muckleroy.

Lockridge was being tried for the second time for his involvement in the 2009 murder of Muckleroy, and along with another man set fire to the victims home to cover evidence of the crime.

"A long trial a long deliberation about events in the case, its part its like I'm losing two people not one its very difficult on my part," says Muckleroy's niece Shameion Colbert.

Prosecution and defense argued that testimony on both sides was inconsistent and false, and clouded Lockridge's guilt or innocence. Families even had confrontations in court and outside.

"Pretty much I've heard both sides of the story , a lot of lies in some of them, best hope is justice be done, mans not guilty let him be not guilty," Minnefield says.

"We love him we miss him , rest in peace and today nephew the sun is going to shine because justice will be served," says Muckleroy's aunt Aquilla Polk.

But evidence convinced the jury of Lockridge's guilt. He stood unemotional as the verdict was read.

"It will never bring Kelvin back," adds Colbert.

Late this afternoon the jury handed down a life in prison sentence along with a 10-thousand dollar fine for Lockridge.

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