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Storms send massive trees into woman's home


76-year-old Barbara Scott dodged not one...but two massive pine trees last night as they came crashing through her home.

Her son, Milton Wright, has been helping her since last night.

"Heavy winds...had some hail. Fast gusts of winds. As you can blew the pine tree through the house," Wright said.

He told us the trees probably added up to about six tons and stood over a hundred feet tall.

Our crew took a look inside the home and what we saw was unbelievable. The trees literally came through the roof and destroyed two bedrooms. And, somehow...Scott escaped with only minor injuries. She has insurance and plans to repair the damage to her home.

Other residents in the area endured hours of flooding, both inside and outside of their homes.

"Water was coming under the sink, through the back door, the patio. Water was just rushing down this hill," said resident Donna Thompson Dowdy.  


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