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Nate Anderson's chilling 911 call released


Thursday afternoon, KLTV obtained two key pieces of evidence that prosecutors say were critical in obtaining the guilty plea in the case against Nate Anderson.

After Amanda was shot, authorities say Nate Anderson first called his parents, who were out to dinner. Then a 911 dispatcher called Nate.

Jena Johnson takes you through Nate's chilling account of what happened that night.

Now, we warn you, some of you may find the emotions in the 911 call unsettling.

Nate: Hello?  

Dispatcher: Hey, Nathan? This is Josh with sheriff's department. Listen to me okay? This is very, very important. Where are you right now?

Nate: I'm at home.

Over the  next four minutes of this call, then 15-year old Nate Anderson gave his account of what happened.

Nate: I was doing homework, and I was a little stressed out because I really couldn't find the answers to my questions so I went out into the woods for a quick jog like I do sometimes. And when I came back the door was kicked open.

Nate went on to tell the dispatcher he checked his room first, then Amanda's.

Nate: And she was on the floor and there was blood everywhere

Dispatcher: And when you said the door was kicked in...the front door or the back door?

Nate: our garage door, it's where pretty much everyone goes in..... (crying..... )

Dispatcher: It's going to be alright. Listen to me, okay? It's important to me that you stay calm right now. Okay, Nathan? Did you touch anything?

Nate: No.

Dispatcher: Okay.

About 2 minutes into the call, Nate describes walking into Amanda's room.

Dispatcher: And you found her in her room?

Nate: Yes.

Dispatcher: And she has a bullet hole?

Nate: Yes.

Dispatcher: Where?

Nate: There's not just one. I think there's a couple in her head.

Dispatcher: Nate, it's going to be okay. Your parents are on the way and the police are on the way. Did you see a gun laying around?

Nate: No.

According to the DA's office, Nate fired four shots into his sister's head. One of those shots went through Amanda's headboard-- where authorities say she was sitting at her computer at the time of the shooting.

Dispatcher: Can you tell where she was shot? What part of her body?

Nate: It looks like... I don't really know. It looks like her head. I just ran out of the room and called my dad.

Dispatcher: Alright, you did fine. Listen to me, we're on the way okay?

As deputies arrived, Amanda's little brother was the first person they questioned.

His clothing would become critical pieces of physical evidence-- with blood splatter linking him to Amanda's death, and ultimately leading him to a guilty plea.

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