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Restaurant Reports: Texting, eating and cooking at the same time


Coyoacan Cafe, off Highway 69 in Bullard, had some mushrooms, Pico de Gallo, cheese and sour cream was stored in too high of temperatures.  Inspectors observed an employee washing their hands in a prep sink instead of a hand wash sink. Total demerits: 25

Pop's Honey Fried Chicken off of Highway 155 in Flint also made the list. Raw chicken livers were stored too closely to the cheese. Inspectors also noticed that the main hand wash sink was not properly functioning.  The ice machine was extremely moldy, and one of the shelves in the storage area had dirty water soaking the boxes with foods inside.  Total demerits: 17

D & N Grocery near Bow Street in Tyler had leftovers with no discard dates labeled on them and they found some of the equipment and utensils were dirty. They had 19 demerits

Arp Food Store on Main Street in Arp stored several foods too warm and too cold, including meats of all kinds. They also noticed the back kitchen had no soap or towels near the hand sink. Totaling 15 demerits

Pic N Pak on Highway 155 in Noonday had some meats and cheeses stored in temperatures that were too warm. Inspectors also noted that the ice machine was moldy, and general cleaning was needed throughout the facility. Total demerits: 16

La Michoacana on South Green Street in Longview had milk that was too warm, and had to be discarded, some employees were seen handling food without gloves, and utensils were not sanitized. Total demerits: 34

Sam's Southern Eatery off McCann Road in Longview had a variety of food that was stored too warm. Inspectors saw employees eating and texting while cooking. Three citations were issued and they voluntarily closed, until reinspection. Total demerits: 27

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