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Does Uncle Sam Owe You Money?

Uncle Sam could owe you cash; lots of it.

The IRS says it has more than $2.5 billion dollars it could refund to nearly 2 million taxpayers who did not file a 2000 return.

Those taxpayers, many of them students, retirees and part-time workers didn't file a return because they had too little income to require filing.

But if you don't file in the next few weeks, you could lose that money forever.

The IRS says if you get your 2000 return in by April 15th you could get more than $529.

Some may also be eligible for the earned income tax credit which refunds portions of payroll taxes to lower wage workers.

In 2000, the credit was available to families with two children who earned less that $31,152 and families with one child who earned less than $27,417.

Single taxpayers who earned less than $10,380 may also qualify for the credit.

There is no penalty for filing a late return if you qualify for a refund.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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