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Reports of object in the sky over East Texas


KLTV 7 and other media outlets across the state are getting reports of a bright, fiery object in the sky. It was spotted around 8 pm, and social media is really buzzing about it.

"My son saw it. We were standing in front of TGI Fridays about 8:30 pm Bright colors look like a shooting star," Nita Allen wrote on the KLTV 7 Facebook page.

Stacey Nash wrote, "I was at the Sonic in Bullard looking back toward Brookshires and I saw it then my sister posted on facebook she saw it also."

KLTV 7 has heard reports it was a meteor. We are looking for anyone with video or pictures. So if you see anything, let us know. Comments, photos, and videos are welcome at KLTV 7's Facebook page.

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