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Check out KLTVFaces for college signing day pics!

Hope your day is going well; here's some of what we have in store for you tonight at 5 & 6pm and on

College signings for area athletes always generate great excitement in East Texas, as you all know. Check out the home page at and click on "KLTVFaces: National Signing Day 2012" to view pictures from area high schools' signing day events all over ETX; you can look for faces you know, and download as many pictures as you like.  This is a free service for our valued viewers and web readers. Hope you enjoy it!

In other news:

A mistake by giant drug manufacturer Pfizer could lead to unwanted pregnancies.  Pfizer has recalled one million packets of birth control pills.  Our Bethany Moore will show you what happened to cause the problem with the contraceptives tonight at 5.

Following that report, Dr. Ed Dominguez will join us via SKYPE to discuss whether the recalled pills are dangerous to women, and what women should do if they think they have taken these pills.

Nate Anderson, the Chapel Hill teen accused of shooting his sister to death in 2010, is scheduled to enter a plea agreement tomorrow.  Apparently the prosecution and defense have come to some sort of an agreement.  At 5, KLTV's Melanie Torre will join us from Chapel Hill to give us more details.

Good news: a drug just approved by the FDA could eventually lead researchers to a cure for cystic fibrosis.  The drug is the first of its kind to address the underlying cause of CF. Today an ETX mom spoke with our Samantha Jordan about what this means for her son who suffers from the disease, and we'll share that with you at 5.

You won't believe this story: an ETX man stole a vehicle, crashed it into a power pole, and fled the scene.  You won't believe where he ended up and what he was doing when police found him. That story at 6.

Make sure to join us at 5, 6, and 10 tonight for the news on KLTV-7 and on the web at, where we livestream daily for the convenience of our friends who are not near a tv but still want the best local news in Texas!

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