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Teacher accused of assaulting student with Tourette's is back at work


An Overton High School teacher is being accused of assaulting one her freshman math students.

According to the victim's statement, the teacher threw a mechanical pencil at his face Monday, while working at his desk.

The victim's parents say it was their son's Tourette's Syndrome that prompted the teacher to throw a pencil at him.

"His best friend flat out said she took the lead out of the pencil and hit it, so it wasn't sticking out and then aimed it like a dart and threw it," says Shannon Garner.

It wasn't until Wednesday morning, Shannon and Jesse Garner heard that their 15-year-old son was allegedly assaulted by his math teacher.

"We get this call from our oldest daughter that said she just chucked a pencil at him and busted his lip with it," said Shannon.

According to the Garner's, it was his classmates that witnessed the incident-- saying his Tourette's Syndrome was bothering the teacher.

Shannon says, "His peers said that his noises were bothering her."

The Garner's say Tourette's is something their son has dealt with his whole life, but this is the first time they heard it was a problem in school.

"That worries me that I send my kid to a class, you never know how they're going to react if they have Tourette's or Autism, what is the teacher going to do if they can't handle it," questioned Shannon.

The Overton ISD Superintendent, Alan Umholtz, although he didn't feel comfortable going on camera, he did want to emphasis that the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave, effective immediately.

Overton Police are now investigating the case after the parents pressed charges Wednesday morning.

"They were extremely upset that something like this would happen, that a teacher would do that," said Overton Police Captain, Clayton Taylor.

The Garners say you should talk to your kids about school every day.

"Sit down with your kids and talk to them everyday and find out what's going on, because we didn't have a clue," says the Garner's.

Police are still in the process of investigating the case. They plan to interview all the witnesses in the classroom, the teacher, and the victim.

As of Tuesday, February 7, the teacher is back to work at Overton ISD.

Authorities tell KLTV assault charges may be filed. Overton Police have turned over their case to the District Attorney's office.

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