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Whitehouse police, fire chiefs under investigation

Ronny Fite. Ronny Fite.
Two Whitehouse city officials are under investigation, accused of using the city's gas for their personal vehicles. 

While no charges have been filed against Police Chief Rick Waller and Fire Chief Ronny Fite, authorities say their investigation is far from over. 

The accusations center around the city's gas pumps and fuel records. The six month long investigation began with fire chief Ronny Fite after authorities received a tip from one of his firefighters.

"In the report they said they felt there was some discrepancies in some funding and they felt that there was a misappropriation of funds going on with the fire chief," said Precinct 3 Constable Dustin Rust.

Rust says they began to pour over nearly a decade worth of gas logs made by Fite. Until 2010, the city's gas records were handwritten.

"This goes back to when it was all written records and we're still sifting through all of those," said Rust.

As the investigation went on, Rust says police chief Rick Waller's gas records caught their attention.

"While he was collecting on that vehicle allowance, he would fill up at the city pumps with city fuel and he was still collecting reimbursements from the city for supplying his own fuel but he was using city fuel," explained Rust.  

City manager Mike Peterson says the former city manager, Ronny Fite, approved Waller to use city fuel for his personal vehicle.

"Chief Waller was following the direction of the city manager. He authorized him to get additional fuel because he was using his truck for city business," said Peterson. 

Waller wouldn't go on camera, saying this was all new to him.  But he did say, "I'll be glad to make a comment when I have all the information. I will tell you I've done nothing wrong." 
Now, that judgement will be left up to a grand jury, if these cases make it that far. 

Rust says others may be involved. 

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