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Surveillance video shows teens being arrested after dart attack


Three teens are now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon after an alleged blow-dart attack on two East Texas women.

Last night, Tyler Police say 26-year old Kathryn Bilberry of Chandler and 19-year old Stephanie Spencer were shot with darts from a blow-gun in the parking lot outside the Walmart on Troup Highway.

They were both treated at the scene and released.

In the surveillance video you see the teens sitting in the drive thru at Dairy Queen. We're told they ordered chicken strips and were asked to pull around but, they never got that order because the police were right behind.

On the other side of the building, multiple Tyler Police cars were already waiting. Their truck was searched and inside police found the weapon, darts and a receipt showing they'd made the purchase at Academy just an hour earlier.

This is a photo from Tyler police of the blow-dart gun the teens used. We went to academy today and purchased the same one.

KLTV wanted to see just how dangerous these blow-dart guns could be so we tested it out on an eggplant from about ten feet away. The dart hit the eggplant right in the center and you can see that needle went all the way through.

Police say they're not sure how far away from the blow-dart gun the victims were.

But, they tell us the needles stuck one woman in the arm and another in the leg-- each about an inch deep.

It's pain that may have been fleeting for them, but something neither those ladies or their teenage attackers will soon forget.

Police say they believe these were random acts of violence and these women were not specifically targeted.

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