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Victim of dart attack speaks out


UPDATE: Three teenagers facing charges after allegedly firing a blow dart gun at two East Texas women. 

Matthew Arnold,18, Kasey Mcclendon,17, and Gregory Smith,17, are each charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for reportedly firing a blow dart gun at Kathryn Bilberry and Stephanie Spencer outside the Walmart on Troup Highway.

Spencer,19, tells us a her quick trip to Walmart around 9pm Monday evening quickly turned into a dangerous situation.

"I was getting out of my car and some red truck just like drove behind and shot me with a dart gun me and they laughed and they drove away," Spencer told us.

At first, Stephanie did not know what she had been shot with and that, she says was worse than the pain.

"It stuck into my leg and I pulled it out and I had no idea what it was and to me it looked like a needle and so I was completely convinced I had just been given like AIDS or something," Spencer said.

She told us when she went inside to find the store manager, the police were already there speaking with another woman who had been shot in the arm.

"I guess I would have been an easy target because I was alone and there wasn't anyone around me, but I talked to her and there were a bunch of people around her when they shot her and she was with her mom," Spencer said.

Police were able to track down the red truck at a Dairy Queen drive thru; inside were the teens, a dart gun and an academy receipt proving they had purchased the gun just an hour earlier.

The Tyler Police Department shared a photo of the blow dart the teens used. We went to Academy and purchased the same one, complete with the needles like the ones the women were shot with. 

Spencer said the needle went about an inch deep into her leg.

Just to see how powerful these dart guns are, we tried it out on an egg plant from about 10 feet away... the dart went all the way through the egg plant.

"Dirty metal sticks in your body...not good. I had to go get a tetanus shot and some blood work done just to make sure I don't have any diseases or anything so that wasn't fun," Spencer told us.

Two random acts of violence that Spencer says she will never understand.

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