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Not ready to adopt a pet? Foster one instead!


The SPCA of East Texas says Smith County is over populated with cats and dogs that need to be adopted. If you want to help and can't adopt an animal for good, that's ok. You have the option of becoming a foster parent instead.

A litter of five puppies and their mother were dumped by Lake Palestine.

"Had we not stepped up to foster these puppies, they wouldn't be here today with us," says animal foster parent, Terri Clark.  

The eve before the puppies were scheduled to be euthanized, the Clark family agreed to become foster parents.

"There's just no reason to be euthanized when there's so many loving homes out there that could help them out," says Clark.

Terri Clark would keep Angus and Zoey, but they already have three dogs of their own. So, they are taking care of them, until someone offers to adopt. 

"We need the fosters really desperately, if we don't have fosters and we get a call about an animal that needs help, if we don't have a place to put it, we can not help it," says Brenda Farris, the SPCA Foster Coordinator. 

Deborah Dobbs with the SPCA explains, "We are only able to help a limited amount of animals, and it's based on the number of foster homes we have available to us."

Dobbs says becoming a foster parent to an animal can be a big undertaking, but it's their only choice, until they get an animal facility to shelter the animals.

"Our goal is to reduce the number of animals being euthanized," says Dobbs.

With a little paperwork, home screening, and background check, you can help shelter an animal until they find their forever home.  The SPCA pays for all the veterinary care that is needed. All animals are spayed or neutered before being adopted out. Until then, the animals just need a little TLC.

If you're interested in becoming a foster parent, or adopting a foster animal you can contact the SPCA of East Texas.

We have all their contact information on our web site, just go to the homepage, and click on the big red box.

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