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Dart gun damage: demo at 6 only on KLTV

We hope you're enjoying your afternoon; here's some of what we are working for you today in the KLTV newsroom:

We're told that two Fagen Inc. employees, injured in an electrical arc accident earlier today, have been taken to a Dallas hospital. The plant where the men work is located between Reklaw and Cushing on Hwy. 204 in Nacogdoches Co. More details on that at 5.

An update: the man who allegedly fell into a woman's water heater closet has been arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. The man was under the influence of narcotics when he started crawling through the attic of his apartment, saying he was chasing "an imaginary person." More details on this odd story at 6 (don't do drugs, kids. Really.)

Some Tyler elementary students established their school as a "no-bullying" zone as part of the "Stand Up, Stand Strong" week. Students at Bell elementary enjoyed a guest speaker who was not only discouraging students from bullying others, but was funny, too. KLTV's Ian Smith will show you the entertaining speaker and speak to one of the students; we'll have that for you at 6.

Three teenage boys have been arrested in an ETX fast food restaurant after police say they committed a "drive-by darting," shooting two random women in the Troup Highway Walmart parking lot with a blow dart gun. The suspects were identified as Matthew Arnold, w/m, 18 years old, Kasey McClendon, b/m, 17 years old, and Gregory Smith, w/m, 17 years old. We'll have much more on this at 5pm and 6pm; also, our Melanie Torre has obtained a similar blow-dart gun, and at 6 she'll show you a demonstration of the kind of damage they can inflict. Don't miss it!

We'll see you soon,

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer



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