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Winter weather prep still important, local experts say


It may be winter, but given the unusually warm winter East Texans have experienced this year, there is a good chance that home and car owners haven't taken the time to prepare for cold winter weather.

And according to employees at Home Depot in Tyler, the number one thing homeowners have forgotten to do is buy those hose bibs to protect your outdoor faucets.

"Any exposed water lines outside, however they're coming out of the ground, if they're not sealed properly, they'll freeze up, they'll crack, and I don't care if it's steel, copper, plastic, pieces are going to start breaking, you're going to have leaks," said Glenn Cannella, an employee at Home Depot in Tyler.

Cannella recommends picking up a water heater blanket, pipe insulation, caulking, air filters, and duct tape to make sure your home is keeping in as much heat as possible, even during this warmer than normal winter.

"We actually had a good rush in the beginning. They're still buying it, not as crazy as they were last year. But we still have February to go and we don't know what's going to happen," he said.

It's not just your home that need to be winterized -- you should be thinking about your cars, too.

"I recommend having an ice scraper in your car, being able to scrape the windows. If you don't, you can use a credit card or something like that to scrape the ice off your window, but visibility is a big thing," said Larry Krantz, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation.

And one of the main things people forget -- checking their tires before it's too late.

"They are what contacts the road, and if your tires are worn or starting to get slick, and now's the time to address it, before you have the inclement conditions on the road, because being able to stop largely depends on the condition of your tires," Krantz said.

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