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Rainfall helps some east Texas lakes

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The recent rains have helped some east Texas lakes and streams but experts say more is needed to get the land and the bodies of water to where they need to be. The recent rains have had a positive effect on lakes and streams that shrank to low levels in the summer drought.

"Encouraging situation to be in to have that much rainfall in a short period of time, the ponds and the lakes its helped, because the lakes are critical for water for folks in the cities," says Gregg county ag-extension agent Hugh Soape.

Lake O the Pines was hit hard, dropping several feet, but rain hasn't brought it's levels up significantly.

"We're not totally out of the woods, we still have along way to go, the ponds are critical I've seen ponds go bone dry this year," Soape adds.

In August lake Gladewater was down nearly 5 feet, but now its back to its pre-drought level.

"It was getting bad for the fishermen, it was getting real bad the lake got so low, I glad to see the rain come, real glad," says Gladewater resident Michael Tolbert.

"I thought it was going to dry up, the lake is full we've gotten some really great rains and we have a good flow of water going over the spillway now," says Gladewater lake warden Harold Toerck.

Soape says a specific kind of rain is needed now.

"Just a drizzle for a week at a time, a real slow rain a quarter inch a day a good slow rain a good soaking rain," he says.

For at least some areas, the boaters and fishermen are coming back.

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