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The Diner's Omelet Station

The Diner's Omelet Station

A way to really entertain guests and personalize a breakfast.


14 eggs cracked and whipped

1/2 pound of real butter

6 ounces of diced ham

6 ounces of diced turkey

6 ounces of diced bell pepper

6 ounces of diced onions

6 ounces of sliced mushrooms

6 ounces of fresh spinach

6 ounces of cheddar cheese

6 ounces of any other cheeses you prefer

And whatever other ingredients you would like


Heat your skillet to a medium to high heat

Add your butter

Just before your butter smokes, add your vegetables. If using spinach, add it last after other vegetables are tender.

After sauteing your vegetables to tender, add your choice of meat.

After your meat has begin to brown slightly, add your egg.

If using a six inch skillet, use a 2 ounce ladle of eggs

If using an eight inch skillet, use a 4 ounce ladle of eggs

As eggs begin to cook, slightly tilt your pan and allow excess liquid to move underneath the cooked egg.

When egg is 80% cooked, flip omelet. If not confident, use a plastic spatula to flip.

Add your cheese to cover the face of the omelet, then fold omelet onto plate.

Serve with potatoes, fresh fruit and your choice of bread.

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