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ETX Good Samaritan killed helping motorist

Mark Adams. Photo Source: Facebook. Mark Adams. Photo Source: Facebook.
Mark Adams and Travis Pastrana. Photo Source: Facebook. Mark Adams and Travis Pastrana. Photo Source: Facebook.

An East Texas man was killed Thursday evening while helping a stranded motorist along Interstate 4 near Orlando, Florida. 

Mark "Tex" Adams, 28, of Lindale was a well known motorcycle builder and practice mechanic. He most recently worked for Moto-X star James Stewart. 

According to Florida Highway patrol, Adams stopped to help a woman who ran out of gas on the side of the highway. Authorities say an SUV drifted into the shoulder, hitting two vehicles and killing  Adams. 

"How many people passed by her and didn't even stop? Somebody did and that was Mark," said Bruce Adams, Mark's older brother. 

Bruce says his brother was always putting others before himself. 

"He would do anything for you," said Bruce. "They're calling him the Good Samaritan, and he wasn't a Good Samaritan, he was just Mark Adams."

Mark traveled the world designing motorcycles. Most recently working in Florida, alongside Moto-X star James Stewart. Bruce cherishes the moments leading to his brother's success.        

"Amazing thing is that this is his first complete build, that he designed and built besides the wheels and some of the components," he said as he looked at a picture. "There's not another one like it."

Mark won awards, and was featured on MTV's Nitro Circus with Moto-X superstar Travis Pastrana, where Mark created and rode a flying motorcycle. 

A few years ago, Bruce says his brother rebuilt his bike's engine, achieving that perfect sound he's always wanted.

"I said I'd never sell it and keep it because it's paid for, but now I'll keep it because it's a piece of him," said Bruce. "Every time I ride, I sort of feel like he's with me now." 

"I know that I've lost count of how many times I would tell him I am really proud of you because there was always something and I was and I still am, always will be," said Bruce.
A brothers bond that Bruce says can never be forgotten or replaced. 

At age 16, Mark Adams built his first bike from parts of a box his mom purchased him for a Christmas present. His brother says it's been comforting reading memories of his brother that people from all over the world have posted on social media sites. 

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