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State Rep. Leo Berman diagnosed with cancer

State Representative Leo Berman (R-Tyler) released the following statement regarding his medical condition:

As many of our close friends and family know, my wife and I are battling cancer once again. The good news is, with the help of our Lord, we beat it once and we'll beat it again. My doctors tell me I have a form of cancer that is treatable. I am fortunate to live in a community where we  have such excellent health care professionals and facilities.

The treatment may slow down my campaigning for a brief time, but I plan to be back on the trail very soon. I have talked with my local supporters and  constituents and assured them I will continue to seek re-election as state  representative.

The next legislative session does not begin until January 2013. I will be  fully prepared to once again take the oath, so I can continue to provide  the common sense, East Texas style of conservative leadership that is missing in Austin.

Meanwhile, my capable staff in my local and capital offices will continue to be available for the people of District 6 in providing outstanding service to my constituents, which they expect and deserve.

Lou Ann and I are thankful for your prayers, and we look forward to seeing you out and about in the community.

Berman's opponent in the race for District 6 State Representative, Matt Schaefer released the following statement to KLTV:

Life itself is more important than politics. Prayers for Rep. Berman have been lifted up at my house and they will continue to be. I truly hope he has a full recovery.

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