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Two tornadoes confirmed by National Weather Service


The National Weather Service has confirmed, at least two tornadoes did touch down during Wednesday morning's storms.

Meteorologists said an EF-1 tornado in Mount Enterprise was on the ground for just a couple of minutes, but that was enough to uproot at least ten trees. Surveillance cameras at the Shell / Whataburger station at the intersection of Highways 259 and 84 capture the tornado as it moved in front of the store. The National Weather Service confirmed with KLTV that this video did capture the tornado as it moved through Mount Enterprise at 10:32 am Wednesday.

Click here for the Raw Footage of the Tornado

Sellman also confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down near Carthage.

"This is one of the easiest ones I've seen in a while because of how convergent the path is through here," said Keith Sellman, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

For those of us who don't have a scientific background, Keith decided to break it down for us 

"Convergence everything's coming together: Divergence, everything is going away, so convergent, the trees are pointing towards the center line so everything's coming outside in pointing at the center line of the tornado track," said Sellman.

Right in the middle of the tornado's path was James Tucker's home.

"All this right here blew the tree over, blew the carport off and blew my fence over," said Tucker.

Luckily Tucker's homers made it through the storm, but that's not the case for everything else that surrounded it.

"If you notice the direction that the trees are laying they're both laying parallel to the street. Those trees that we just came from pointed at us in this direction to they're pointed at each other and tornadoes typically have a convergent path the tornado would have been somewhere in the middle of these two trees so it would have gone through here," said Sellman.

Keith said only one injury was reported to him from Wednesday's storm, but thankfully it was non- life threatening.

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