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Possible downburst destroys Anderson County home


Storms in East Texas have taken a local couple's home. It happened in the Cayuga area near the intersection of Highway 287 and County Road 2706 in Anderson County.

Luckily, the couple wasn't home at the time. They had only been staying there on the weekends.

But, they would have been asleep when the storm hit if they had been there.

Standing in the rubble of what was once his retirement home, James Shead feels lucky. He and his wife were in Kilgore when the storm hit. They live there..

"..and here. Yeah," he said

"Maybe not right now," I observed.

"Not anymore. Not for a little while, anyway. We had already built it. Everything was furnished. All we had to do was just come down and set up," He said.

He lost his home, and his garage. His shed was blown fifty yards away, leaving his pickup where it stood. Neighbors ask if he's okay.

"I feel great. Those tractors were all in a row," James said.

The wind was so powerful it moved tractors and tipped over trailers. One of his neighbors thought it was just rain.

"I got up this morning about 7:15 and put the trash out. I didn't hear a thing. I went back in and went to sleep. I slept through all of it," said Robert Edwards.

"Looks like a bomb went off," James observed.

James had only been on his property a few minutes before we arrived.

"Have you started looking for some of your stuff?" I asked.

"No I haven't. Like I said I just started walking around. I hadn't all sunk in just yet. I'm very blessed. Most of this stuff can be replaced. My thing is we weren't here in the bed when it happened. All this stuff can be replaced. So, we'll take a little time and just replace it," James said.

James Shead told us he and his wife are insured.

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