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Found malnourished dog finally gets help


The malnourished dog, Duchess, which was found Tuesday, was finally checked out by a local veterinarian.

Dr. Mark Borah with West Tyler Veterinary Clinic, said for a dog who has been through so much, Duchess is in good spirits and getting better.

"We checked her out and we knew she had a leg problem, but we didn't know what was wrong. We did some x-rays today and found out that she had a fracture it looks like it's been there for some time it just didn't recently happen," said Borah.

Borah said more than likely Duchess was hit by a car and suffered blunt force trauma to her leg and said most likely they will be able to save it.

 Aside from her leg, Duchess also began to lose muscle mass.

"You see her hip bone and she's lost a lot of muscle where she was probably using her muscle mass to meet her energy needs for lack of groceries," said Borah.

Cases like this are no surprise to Deborah Dobbs with the SPCA of East Texas. While she said it's not for certain where Duchess was before, she has a pretty good guess of what may have happened.

"Someone either didn't keep up with her and she wasn't in a fenced yard or she was dumped because maybe they didn't want to feed her, or spend the money on her maybe she was a puppy and they just didn't have the time for her," said Dobbs.

For Deborah, Duchess has not had an easy journey, but believes she deserves a better a life. 

"There's some people who would say she's just a stray she's just a mutt just euthanize her, but as long as she's social and heart worm negative she has all the potential to be someone pets she deserves a chance," said Dobbs.

Duchess will be examined by an orthopedic doctor in the next couple of days.

The SPCA of East Texas said Duchess is in need of a foster home, or a family to adopt her.

They also said her medical bills will be around a thousand dollars.

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