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Rep. Louie Gohmert critiques Obama's speech

KLTV 7's Shaley Sanders spoke with Representative Louie Gohmert on the phone after President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

"After watching President Obama's speech, what could you agree with?" Sanders asked.

"I agreed when he said American companies are hiring again, but unfortunately they are hiring in China and India; they're not doing so well here," Gohmert replied.

When it came to taxes, Gohmert said President Obama contradicted himself.

"Everybody should pay their fair share, but that means to me that we ought to have a flat tax…everybody pays the same thing. He said that they are only going to go after the millionaires and yet immediately says if you make less than 250,000 dollars you're taxes won't go up.  So, which is it?" he asked.

"You have mentioned that Obama did not have his facts straight in his speech. Do you think he is misinformed or just trying to win votes?" Sanders asked.

"I don't know what's in his heart and mind, but I know the information he is putting out is not accurate. Certainly, he wants to win votes and win the next election. I am more concerned about not allowing Iran to have nukes, to not re-empowering the Taliban as he releases and continues to release murdering Taliban who have killed American soldiers. I just don't think the way forward to peace is to put our future in Taliban hands that have American blood on them," Gohmert said.

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