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ETX Texas Ranger tours his own exhibit


Tuesday was the first time Texas Ranger Glenn Elliott saw a museum exhibit dedicated solely to himself.

At eighty-five-years-old the Gregg County legend toured the exhibit with family while admirers inspected gear from Ranger Glenn Elliot's days in law enforcement

"We grew up here in Longview and he's always fun to go by and talk to and hear his tales," said Larry Courington, a volunteer at the Gregg County Museum.

He says it's an honor to display Elliot's memorabilia.

"Reading his books and hearing his stories... he exemplifies what I grew up thinking the Texas Rangers would be," said Courington.

"There are so many people in Longview and in Gregg County who have done some really remarkable things with their lives," said Neina Kennedy, director of the Gregg County Historical Museum.

The exhibit showcases Elliot's authentic ranger badge, clothing and even a 45-caliber pistol that was made in 1911.

Even his money clip is on display-- all of the items are on loan.

Neina Kennedy said it's always great hearing Elliot's stories first hand. Elliott served in the Pacific during World War II and worked big cases like the Kilgore Kentucky Fried Chicken murders.

"When you have someone live right here to tell it, and we had Glenn Elliott, and we got to have him here today and he was so proud to see his exhibit and we were so honored to have him here," said Kennedy.

They're honored that the artifacts belonging to this East Texas legend call Gregg County home

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