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Suspicious fire has employees asking who and why


Some suspicious fires are now under investigation at an East Texas car dealership.

Employees at Bacon Chevrolet in Frankston say they were alerted late Monday night that some vehicles on the lot were on fire.

"I've been here 26 years and I've never had anything like this happen," said Body Shop Manager David Chambers.

Late Monday night, David Chambers rushed up to work to find four vehicles the body shop had just repaired on fire.

Thousands of dollars invested, more than 100 hours of repair time all gone in less than 20 minutes.

"There's actually a hole in the fence where they cut through the fence to come in," Chambers explained.

According to Chambers, the fuel doors were open on all of the vehicles.

"They were intending to burn the vehicles. I think that was just pure vandalism," he said.

Chambers said he spent Tuesday morning explaining to customers why their vehicles were totaled.

"In the state of Texas if we or if any repair facility has your vehicle and you have full coverage of your vehicle and the repair facility is not negligent (we don't leave the gate open we don't leave the vehicles accessible to the public) you file on primary insurance which is your own insurance policy," Chambers told us.

When he contacted the owner of one of the vehicles, her response shocked him.

"She drove about 20 miles up here to bring me a letter that she had wrote me. I have never received a letter like that from anyone. She actually thanked me for doing a good job on her truck and was very apologetic that it happened," he told us.

She says sharing a car with her husband will make things challenging.

"My little boy has epilepsy and he has speech therapy and so we had to go over there before we could come here and see the truck," said client April Burnett.

Chambers says now it's a waiting game until the arson investigator can tell them who did this and why.

Authorities say three of the vehicles are totaled. The insurance company has not yet responded on the fourth vehicle.

No other property damage or theft was reported.

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