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Storage Wars, Texas style

A popular television show is closer to home than you may think.

Originally from New York, Victor Rjesnjansky moved to Flint in 2007. He opened a resale shop in Tyler and is now one of the main characters on A&E's show "Storage Wars: Texas".

"My title on the show is, "Slick Vick the Outsider" because I'm from New York and I'm slick and I've got a BMW," Victor told us.

He is a Long Islander who has called East Texas home since 2007. Victor said he stayed in the area when working with HGTV's dream home crew in Tyler.

Like most characters on the show, Victor owns his own shop called "31 House" and it is right here in Tyler.

When "Storage Wars" came to Texas they found Vick, and some of the characters on the show wish they had not.

"I will tell you exactly to his face that I don't like Vick," said "Storage Wars" character Lesa Lewis.

"I met Lesa about four years ago at an auction...we didn't hit it off," Victor announced on a show.

He said the show portrays him pretty accurately; he is an aggressive buyer and does not change his personality for the cameras.

"I'm Vick and that's what they say, ‘Just be Vick when you're out there,' so I'm definitely just being Vick when I'm on television. When I'm everywhere I'm the same," Victor told us.

He said he has been doing this for more than 20 years.

"You just never know what you're going to cross at a storage auction and that's what sucked me into the business in the beginning," he told us while giving us a tour of the 31 House.

He has turned urban treasure hunting into a career and now, entertainment television.

If you would like to check out what Victor has picked up from various auctions, the address of 31 House is 5428 State Hwy 31 West, Tyler, TX.  

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