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Hogs in the city


Feral Hogs have been spotted inside the city limits of Tyler. Animal Control has received several calls about this, but by the time they arrive at the scene, the varmints are gone.

A Tyler resident was able to snap a few pictures of some hogs near the intersection of Old Jacksonville and Grande. And, as we found out, these were the first pictures the North East Texas Health District, who handle Tyler Animal Control, has seen.

Keith Henry was driving on Grande in an area that looks like it's outside the city limits, when he saw something inside the city limits that really surprised him: wild hogs.

"We started taking pictures of them, and they just stood there like we were supposed to be here. So, we watched them for a little bit and as the cars slowed down they went back in the woods and as we would drive off they would come back out. So we took several pictures and watched them for several minutes," Keith said.

Keith and his wife took several pictures. The area was hog less when we were there, but Keith found what he thinks is evidence they're around.

"There's hog tracks all up and down this tree line, all out in these woods. It's a little close to home being right here. Right here close to Old Jacksonville and Grande. I can see the store from here. The hogs were here. That's bad. Usually when you see stuff coming out of the woods that means the woods are full so there's probably a lot more of them back in there. Somebody needs to get a big trap and relocate these guys somewhere else," Keith said.

Unfortunately the North East Texas Health District isn't equipped for Animals bigger than large dogs.

"People call and we give them a list of different trappers that are willing to set traps and apprehend wild hogs," Keith said.

Some trappers take money; others do it for the meat.

"We could go get some of them and run them out here," Keith told me.

"I gotta go," I said.

I'll leave this one to the pros.

Keep in mind it's illegal to discharge a firearm inside the city limits. The hogs have to be trapped, or hunted with a bow and arrow or crossbow.

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