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Carrier's closure may impact local businesses

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Starting Tuesday, Carrier and union leaders will begin negotiating severance packages for hundreds of employees who will soon be losing their jobs. 

On Friday, Carrier announced they will be closing their Tyler plant. The announcement is causing uncertainty not just in the Carrier operation, but among other businesses who worry their bottom lines may also take a hit. 

Only time will tell how closing Tyler's Carrier plant will impact different sectors of our economy. 
Tom Mullins with Tyler's Economic Development Council says certain businesses will be directly affected in the months to come. 
"The ones that would be impacted are the companies that provide parts to the company, you know whether it's fasteners or sheet metal or what other parts that go into the units, a lot of them come from within a 50 mile radius of Tyler," said Mullins.  

A meeting with Carrier was scheduled for Monday, but he says carrier moved it to a later date. 
"We're going to try to reschedule that meeting and see what, if anything, we can do to either change the situation and try to put something else in there that carrier might be able to consider, or if they're determined to close it to make sure we have a transition that supports the workers and their families as they have to change to different careers," said Mullins.

The potential economic impact doesn't end with the layoffs, expected by the end of 2013.  Supply companies in the area say the closure will also affect them. 

"We depend a lot on new construction, so obviously our new construction would decrease by the closing of Carrier, so I think it would negatively affect any of our business," Brien Magers, manager of Coburns Supply Wholesale in Tyler.   

Another possibility of Carrier moving operations to Mexico from Tyler, he says consumers may choose to buy products made locally, here in America.

"So therefore they might start looking at other brands like Trane and American Standard here, they're still made here," said Magors. 

Tuesday, union leaders will meet with Carrier to negotiate severance packages for the nearly 500 people expected to lose their job. 

On a side note, you may remember when the Goodyear plant in Tyler closed back in 2008. 
Tom Mullins told KLTV 7 Monday that an investor from California has purchased that property and a product line is expected to go in at a later date. 

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