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Eighty new US citizens today!


We have eighty more United States citizens today. The ceremony today included people sworn in, wearing big smiles on their faces, from as far away as the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Mora Lamborn isn't from these parts.  She's from "down under." She was born in New Zealand, and met her husband Ben, a Texan living in New Zealand, in her  homeland.

They tried dairy farming in Uruguay, but that wasn't working out, so they went to Hopkins County and switched to ranching.  They say business is good; so good, in fact, that they're staying.

Mora told us, "We had a tough summer with the drought and everything, but my husband is a very good rancher and we were able to keep all our animals. We're doing really well.  It's a great place.  The USDA is a big help.  The markets are good, and it's just a very good place to ranch."

She applied for her citizenship less than a year ago.

"I've had my green card for almost ten years, but since I applied for naturalization, it's gone very smoothly," she said.

We had to ask Mora's husband, Ben, if he'd ever met any hobbits down there in New Zealand.  "No, no, not from Lord of the Rings.  That was all filmed after I left."

Well, maybe it was a good thing to get out before the Hollywood invasion. 

They certainly think getting here to Texas is a good thing.

"I was very happy and very proud for my wife to become a citizen today," Ben told us.

Mora said, "It's wonderful. It's wonderful! I have loving friends in Texas, and it's home."

For the Lamborns, the American dream is still alive and well.

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