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Better East Texas: Regulating broadcast television signals

By Pat Stacey

The Supreme Court is hearing a case about the regulation of broadcast television signals. 

You may or may not know that the airwaves that broadcast TV uses belong to the public.  TV stations are licensed through the federal government to operate on those signals in the public interest. 

It all sounds nice and clean but the Federal Communications Commission – the FCC – has been inconsistent in its enforcement of a policy that punishes TV stations and networks for the use of profanity and the airing of nudity. 

Several cases have been a part of the discussion including the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, several four letter words spoken in live awards shows and a case involving the police drama NYPD Blue. 

Now the FCC does not regulate cable and satellite programmers only broadcast TV stations and networks.  One side of the argument is suggesting that there be no regulation but this is not a good idea.  I don't trust any of the broadcast networks and their regular approach of glamorizing just about any liberal lifestyle or dialogue that can be dreamed up. 

Our culture has eroded enough.  And shouldn't there be at least one remaining safe haven where families can reasonably expect there will be no nudity and somewhat decent language? 

The FCC needs to set a reasonable policy and then enforce it with consistency – it will make for better TV and a Better East Texas.

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