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Victim in FRESH attack shares her experience


During broad daylight, at a popular grocery store, an East Texas woman was threatened by an unknown man claiming he had a gun.

Fortunately, the woman had planned for this very scenario, trusted her instincts, and did everything she could to call for help, possibly saving her life.

That woman, who asked that her identity not be released, shares her story of courage and bravery.

It was meant to be a quick stop at the local FRESH grocery store in Tyler, but things rapidly turned for the worst.

The woman said she saw a man walking in front of her vehicle.

"And then I noticed, after I had cracked the door that he was coming up to my door," she says.

Even though she was aware of the man walking by, she didn't realize he was approaching the driver's side door of her vehicle.

"He had cut through to my side quickly, and I hadn't realized it when I already opened the door, and as soon as I unclicked the door, then he had entered the door."

The suspect told the woman, he had a gun, putting her into survival mode.

'He was using his body in, and I was using everything I had to get out, while I was screaming, 'help me, help me, he's trying to hurt me, somebody please help me,'" she recalled.

Fortunately, the woman had her keys out of the ignition and in her hands for defense. In this situation, she instantly recalled her husband's advice.

"You can throw your keys, you can use your keys, you just don't want you and the vehicle to be taken."

Her family inspired her to keep fighting--she knew she would see them again.

The woman continues, "I knew I needed to get out of that car, he didn't need to get in my car, and I didn't need to go anywhere with him."

And she says it's because of her instincts, witnesses, and the local police that she is safe today.

"We are so lucky as a community to have the elite police department that we have, you don't realize that until your in the unfortunate situation," she said.

Police say around 8:30 Tuesday night, 33-year old William Easley was arrested at his home in Flint.

He is still in the Smith County Jail on a $150,000 bond.


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