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Should Small Children Watch "The Passion of the Christ" ?

Taken straight from the Gospel, "The Passion of the Christ" will show how Jesus was beaten, bruised and crucified for the sins of the world. Never before has a Christian film been so realistic in its portrayal of violence, urging some to warn parents not to allow small children to watch.

"We as adults and parents need to be cautious about how we are introducing Jesus to them," says Christian Counselor Chris Legg.

"The last thing I would want is for some young kid to be traumatized and then connect that trauma to Jesus Christ, and not want to have anything to do with him," says Chris who is also a Chaplain at Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler.

He says small children may not be able to handle watching a crucifixion.

"It is about a man who will be beaten beyond recognition, with leather straps that have bone and glass on them. Then they nail him on a cross and he drowns on his own fluid in his lungs," says Legg.

In his professional opinion, any child under ten is most likely not ready to see this movie, but he offers these guidelines to help parents decide for themselves.

"Keep in mind that this movie is not in English. Obviously a child who can't read shouldn't see this movie. I think if you have a question, do I take my kid, then that probably means there is a reason you have that question."

He says they best way to answer those questions is by watching the film first -- before taking your kids, that way everyone will be prepared to see the sacrifice Jesus made.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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