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A wing and a prayer

"Dr. Doolittle," "The Nutty Professor" and "Arthur Henry" all have something in common. And, yes, it's what you might be thinking. Arthur Henry can talk to the animals--or, one animal anyway.

A couple years ago a mocking bird showed up in his yard and started a conversation that hasn't stopped yet. We just had to see this.

Little Girl is a little shy. Okay, a lot shy. She wouldn't let me anywhere near her. But, it's a different story with Arthur Henry. The two of them have been friends for a couple years now. But, she wasn't talking as long as I was around, so I left with the camera rolling.

"That little bird sat up over my head and started talking to me so I looked up and started talking. Saying hello and that's where it began. It's like an angel from heaven or something, and that bird came to me and comes to me every morning. It's joyous," Arthur said.

While I was gone, Little Girl finally showed up. She's in the tree, but blocked by branches.

"I get up every morning and thank God for the day but I look for that little bird and she appears and she visits with me and she talks to me. Now, what she's saying, I don't know. But, sometimes I believe I know what that bird is saying because I'm in church and birds are like angels, sometimes if you get close to them you know. They bring a message, "he said.

Arthur says the bird once followed his truck and waited for him on a power line, then followed him home.

"I raised pigeons when I was a kid and they so humbly bow their heads like this. That means that they love you. That they're speaking to each other. And, I do her like that and she does me like that," he said, bowing his head.

Arthur admits that when the bird first appeared he had been feeling down.

"I feel like it came to lift me up and give me inspiration because it did and it has ever since, "he said.

Author O. Henry once wrote, "We never miss the music until the sweet voiced bird has flown away."

But, for now at least, Arthur will have his music nearly every day.

Arthur says his neighbors didn't believe it until they saw it with their own eyes.

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