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Longview couple aboard doomed cruise ship in Italy

Navy Second Class Petty Officer Tameshia Gumbs Navy Second Class Petty Officer Tameshia Gumbs

An East Texas couple is safe, five days after they had to flee a sinking ship.

Navy Petty Officer Second Class Tameshia Gumbs, 30, and her husband Kishan, were on the Costa Concordia cruise ship when it ran aground off the coast of Italy this past Friday.

Eleven people died and more than two dozen people remain missing.

Tameshia shares her harrowing experience aboard the ship.

As the Costa Concordia went down and efforts were made to get passengers off, family of Tameshia Gumbs in Longview feared knowing she was on board. She called her family after escaping.

Tameshia's aunt Angela Ingram says, "They felt a bump... The ship started tilting and plates were sliding off the table, and they were sliding off the seats, and after that, everybody stared to panic. People just panicked and started running and jumping off the ship."

Petty Officer Gumbs says the scene was like something out of a movie.

"A lot similar to what happened in the movie Titanic," Tameshia remarked during a phone interview with KLTV from Sicily.

"People below decks below us--I could hear people's tables and glasses--I could hear people scuffling to try to get out," says Tameshia, "We wasn't warned, no one told us that this was an emergency situation... We just ran."

"We were standing by to jump--if needed. Someone said to wait for the boats," says Kishan Gumbs.

Though she and her husband kept their heads during the ordeal, Tameshia says many were panic stricken, and learning the captain had fled angered them all.

"There was one lady that testified that she was still in her room and asked one of the stewards is everything ok and he said, 'yeah,'" Kishan said.

"It was told to us by another passenger that the captain had abandoned the ship," Tameshia said, "The stewardesses, the waiters, the waitresses all helped us get to where we need to go."   

Petty Officer Gumbs says she's just glad to be alive to talk about it, calling it a "horrific memory." One she certainly won't soon forget.

The ships captain remains under house arrest.

126 Americans were listed among the passengers, all of them are safe.

Tameshia Gumbs will remain stationed in Italy with the Navy through 2013.

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