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Police standoff lands ETX man in jail

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - A three-hour standoff ends with an East Texan arrested, and shots fired at police.

Authorities said the standoff happened late Monday night in the 500 block of South Locust Street in Sulphur Springs.

Police said it all started when 52-year old Terry Yankey called the Veterans Crisis Line to give a complaint.

"Hi, this is Jessica with the veteran's crisis line. I have a veteran in your area who needs a welfare check. He's reporting homicidal and suicidal ideations, he feels rejected by other people and wants to shoot people at the VA,  saying, 'they reject me and tell me to go away'," said the person who called from the Veterans Crisis Line.

Police and SWAT officers were sent out to the residence, but quickly realized Yankey was not coming out without a fight.

"The subject inside the house fired five rounds out the window towards the officers. They were able to get into cover position and continue to deploy the gas into the house," said Lt. Rusty Stillwagnor, Sulphur Springs Police Department.

Stillwagnor said Yankey has been known to have a problem with authority.

"He's a veteran who apparently has some issues with the VA hospital for some reason or another," said Stillwagnor.

Stillwagnor said they are not quite sure what Yankey's combat history in the military is, but they do believe he had a mental evaluation at some point.

Counselor Israel Lewis said it's important to seek help when we notice a difference in a friend, or family member.

"If they're talking less, if they are willing to spend less time with you and the rest of their friends that's incredibly dangerous. If they become more easily agitated and they are becoming more impatient," said Israel Lewis, a Licensed Professional Counselor.  

Lewis said there are many civic organizations that can help with mental needs. For example, the Veterans Crisis Line number is 800-273-8255, then press 1.

Terry Yankey is charged with two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant.
Yankey is currently in the Hopkins County Jail.

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