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70 years old and into heavy metal


We all hope to retire someday with the means to do what we love to do. Some want to travel, some want to build things or maybe be a weather man. 

We spoke with an East Texan lucky enough to live his dream retirement through his love of cars.

James Monroe has been retired for quite a while now. Not long enough to have been the fifth President of the United States like another James Monroe, but long enough to amass a pretty good collection of cars. And, he's picky about his purchases.

"This is a 1950 Bentley. It was in terrible shape when I got it," He said.

He fixed it up himself. And, since parts are expensive and hard to find he made some himself, like forming a fender out of a Volkswagen fender.

"This is a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. This car was the most awful chocolate color with a slime green roof and a red pinstripe," James said.

He fixed that. He's helping a buddy fix his Rolls Royce on a diesel truck chassis. The Model A didn't need any fixing. He says it's…

"Lots of fun."

He also has a 1929 Ford Sedan and a 1936 Oldsmobile and a 1928 Ford Phaeton, and a…

"…Rolls Royce Corniche. This car is expensive. I don't go to anywhere fancy enough to drive this car. It's an old mafia car from Dallas. The owner was murdered and it's a sad story," James said.

I stopped asking him questions about that car. I really didn't want to know too much.

Sitting in the Bentley looking at James in the Rolls only one question came to mind, "Pardon me; do you have any Grey Poupon?"

"Why certainly," he replied.

Man, I'd hate to have to buy this guy a Christmas present. He already has everything.

James Monroe uses his cars for a limo service, mostly weddings, and he says that's where he gets the money for parts.

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