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012/18/04 - Longview

Black History Month Celebrated

It's a dance, rich in black history. These young ladies from Wiley College performed the dance and spoke to students at South Ward Elementary in Longview today. The program was designed to get the kids' attention and explain the importance of studying hard and going on to college. The performers say it's important for young people to understand where they've come from, so they can make a better choice of what their future holds.

Wiley College student Tameka Tennison said, "In the world today where a lot of children succomb to violence and they don't go to school and they drop out a lot, we just want to encourage them to go to college and get an education."

South Ward Elementary student Alexandria Martell said, "I learned that college is a big responsibility. If you go, you will have many experiences in life."

Today's program was part of the school's black history month celebrations.

Amy Tatum, reporting.
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