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Tim Tebow spreads The Word

What's being called the Tim Tebow phenomenon continues to grow--and this weekend, it's expected to get bigger.

Saturday the young NFL star leads his team into a playoff battle against the Patriots.

As fans pray he'll pull off another win, some area pastors say, as far as they're concerned, he already has.

"Refreshing" ... "inspiring" ... "humble" --those are the words some Tyler area pastors are using to describe Tim Tebow.

"I couldn't help but be a fan of him and what he stands for," says Victory Assembly of God Senior Pastor Wesley Wuerch.

When it seemed people had little faith in him, he had a lot of faith in God.
And, now Tebow's popularity is giving him leverage to spread God's message.

"It's refreshing in this generation to see somebody live with integrity, character and some values of the past," says Wuerch.

"People are going to hear about John 3:16. They're going to hear about Jesus. They're going to hear about his outward display of worship in a world that honestly is not full of a lot of worship towards Jesus," says Gospel Village Board Member David Montalvo.

John 3:16 -- one of the most well known verses in The Bible.
Or 316 -- the number of yards Tebow threw for against the Steelers.
Or 31.6 -- his average yards per completion in that same game.
...a sign from God? Who knows.

"Who knows if an angel isn't out there helping that ball spin right to where it's going because based off those passes we can tell it's got to be an angel," says Montalvo.

As Tebow brings more fans to the Broncos, some say he's bringing more believers to the church.

"I think it's a beautiful thing that he's able to, off the field as well as on the field, give so much glory back to his Lord his Savior, our Lord, our Savior," says Montalvo.

Because after all, Christians serve the same God as Abraham, Isaac and Tebow.

Tim Tebow and the Broncos take on the patriots Saturday night at 7.

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