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2/18/04 - Longview

College Students Combine History and The Future

Learning where you came from can help you decide where you're going. That's the concept behind a program at an east Texas school Wednesday.

A group of young ladies had a message to students about black history but it was also a clear challenge for their futures.

The young women stomped their feet and clapped their hands.  It's called "Stepping" and it's a dance rich in history. "Stepping came from slavery. It represents something like a transision, a celebration," says Kashocka Williams.

The young ladies from Wiley college brought their "Stepping" skills to South Ward elementary students in Longview. They even got the kids in on the fun.

Once they had the kid's attention, the college students explained, their message was more than just a lesson in history. "In the world today where a lot of children succomb to violence and they don't go to school and they drop out a lot, we just want to encourage them to go to college and get an education," says Tameka Tennison.

And their plea for these young girls and boys to one day go to college seems to have been heard. Each have already begun to dream of what they will one day be .

"I want to be a veterenarian."

"I want to be a scientist."

"A lawyer."

They each had big dreams.  As young as they are they understand, an education is a must.  "I learned that college is a big responsibility. If you go you will have many experiences in life," says Alexandria Martell.

So with their entertainment, and words of encouragement the college students have given these boys and girls a goal to reach for. 

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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