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ETX haunt celebrates Friday the 13th for good cause


Today is Friday the 13th, a number -- and a day -- that causes a lot of people to be superstitious.

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But one Longview institution wants to celebrate whatever fears and superstitions you may have in a good old-fashioned haunt.

Doc Wilkes' House of Horrors in Longview will open Friday and Saturday, January 13 and 14, to celebrate Friday the 13th.

And Doc says he's all about scaring people for Friday the 13th and helping out a great cause at the same time.

"I just think Friday the 13th is a good day to scare people," Eugene Wilkes, or Doc, says.

And scared is just what you'll be when you come to Doc's house.

"Most of the things that I work on are people's fears, like the dark, spiders, snakes, you know, common fears that people have, claustrophobic kinds of things. You're going to get a little bit of all of that in my house," he says.

Yes, Doc's even working on that fear you might have of Friday the 13th.

"Some people's pretty superstitious," he says. "Some people don't even go out of their house on Friday the 13th. But we're hoping that they come out and come to my house on this Friday the 13th, because we're going to be haunting some people pretty good, I think."

But while you're getting scared, you'll also be helping a local family. Doc Wilkes' House of Horrors is giving most of this weekend's proceeds to help the family of Warren bBadley with some outstanding medical expenses.

"Warren was a great impressionist, great entertainer, he traveled all around doing his impressions, but more importantly he was on the radio," Doc says.

Warren lost his battle with cancer this past November.

"I've always built my haunted houses to raise money for different organizations," Doc explains, noting that the proceeds from every single haunted house he opens, minus overhead, go to charitable causes.

And his houses are definitely haunted.

"Come here expecting to be scared, because like my wife keeps telling them outside if they ask her if it's scary, she says, well, we ain't baking cookies," Doc says, laughing.

Doc's opens Friday and Saturday nights at 7 and stays open until midnight. They're located at 1228 Market St., on the corner of Market and Harrison Streets in Longview.

Tickets cost $10, and most of the proceeds will go to Warren Bradley's family.

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