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"Streets of Speed" - 2/18/04

Frankston Highway: Speeding School Bus Drivers

We started near the Walton Road/Noonday intersection of Frankston Hwy. Production assistant J.J. Truell was posted with the speed zapper. The speed limit: 50.

"Dark green car coming by you is going 65," Truell said.

We approached the driver: "There's some sort of pedestrian crosswalk sign, where people might be crossing the street. You think it might be dangerous, you might hit someone?"

The driver told us: "Yeah, but I'm really careful. I watch out for people."

And the record for the day: 76. He made it through the light before we could stop him. Residents along Frankston Hwy say speeding is a problem.

"It's a problem when you try to get out," Richard Walker said. "You have to be very careful. You cannot back out on the road."

Further north on Frankston, speeders were a dime a dozen, probably because the speed limit drops twice, reaching 35 at the Eighth St./Sunnybrook intersection.

We stopped another driver: "Hey, it's 35 miles an hour here. You guys were going 51. Are you in a hurry or something?"

"I'm always in a hurry," the driver told us. "I do it [speed] all the time. And no seat belt."

A true road renegade. But the most surprising speeder was a school bus driver going 42 in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. Let's hope he doesn't speed when he picks up the kids. And it's obvious why some people were speeding. They didn't even know what the speed limit was.

On Frankston, the average speed clocked in the 50-mile-per-hour zone was 58. And the average in the 35-mile-per-hour zone was 45. So drivers were definitely not following the speed limit signs.

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Julie Tam, reporting.

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