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Do YOU know what it is?

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A man saw something strange in the skies above Tyler a few nights ago. He says he watched it for a minute or so, and then he remembered he had a cell phone equipped with a camera. He whipped it out and managed to shoot a few seconds of the object before it got away.

We tracked him down to tell us about this Unknown Object in the Sky.

Johnny Grayson has seen something he can't identify. He says it was a long streak in the sky above downtown Tyler.

"It actually came straight toward me. I mean it had maybe about four feet of flame behind it. And, it went center to the right as far as my eyes could see," he said.

For a moment, he forgot he had a camera in his pocket. He says the tail was gone by the time he pulled out his camera.

"I actually, I caught a little clip right here to my right. It was still blinking with a light bright orange flash behind it," he said.

See the video above for the actual footage of the object. We lightened the video and even tried zooming into it, but it's difficult to see what it is," he said.

"It was like something was on fire. Like chemicals or whatever and it was just flickering, just real bright," he said.

We need the observational ability of someone who spends time in the air. The Historical Aviation Memorial Museum may have just that someone... and, like the object, they didn't really want to be identified, even though some had names on their jackets.

"Yeah, but see in weather conditions, sometimes you get a reflection off a cloud bank that kicks it into another cloud bank," One said.

"Yeah, if it was way over there. With that orange on it, that's what they call high visibility orange or international orange. It looks like it might be a reflection off of a tower," another said.

"The speed of it looks like a satellite or space debris... You know, a smaller meteor," said yet another.

"It's a UFO."

"I think it's pretty cool footage, you know. If I was the tin foil hat kind of guy I would say maybe."

"It absolutely went right down through here. I hope you guys can identify what it was because it was pretty strange," said Johnny.

One thing is for sure, next time Johnny will get the camera out a lot faster.

We showed the video to some of our meteorological team and asked their opinion. Grant Dade thought it might be a jet that was so high the sun was shining on it. Mark Scirto said the International Space Station was flying over around the time the video was shot, and that's probably what the object is.

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