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Tyler bar hosts bone marrow drive for ETX doctor


A group of East Texans is hosting a bone marrow drive tonight at Rick's on the Square in Tyler  between 7 pm and 10 pm, with the goal of raising awareness about the easiness of becoming a bone marrow donor -- in the hopes that two young parents with Leukemia will be helped in the process.

"It's not like a normal tumor. It's in your blood, so it just keeps going," said bone marrow drive host April Brown.

April Brown has learned a lot about leukemia since her good friend Leslie Harris was diagnosed last September 21st, only hours before giving birth to her son Ayden.

And tonight, Brown is helping Leslie and her former Chapel Hill classmate, Tyler doctor Cody Chandler, as best she knows how -- by hosting a bone marrow drive.

"A lot of people immediately think pain when they think of giving bone marrow, but tonight all they're going to do is come in, fill out a form, and we'll just swab the inside of their cheeks, takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do, and it's just a real simple process just to get you on the registry," she said.

It's so simple that, in less than 10 minutes, even I was able to join the registry, completely pain-free -- I just filled out my paperwork and swabbed my cheek twice.

Brown's goal for tonight is to have 200 people join the national bone marrow registry.

"There's thousands of people that die every year because they cannot find a match. So what we're trying to do is raise awareness all over," she said.

Awareness for a disease people don't know a lot about.

"Ten minutes of your time could give someone else a lifetime. And I just ask that people will come out and get swabbed and save a life," Brown said.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 55, you're eligible to join the registry.

You do have to be 21 to enter Rick's and attend the drive, but you can also go to www.getswabbed.org to learn how to join the registry.

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