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Mobile clinic to make life easier for some East Texans


It's no secret that people more than 65 are at a greater risk of suffering from a fall. But, a new "clinic on wheels" here in East Texas hopes to change that.

Wednesday morning, Texas Therapeutic Medical Specialties brought their "mobile clinic" to Briarcliff Nursing Home in Tyler.

The clinic has a full-scale ENT office and a special lab to diagnose and treat the causes of imbalance and dizziness in those most at risk of falling--the elderly.

"In two or three minutes we can assess the degree of fall risk that they have and where we think their fall risk is coming from. From their inner ear, body, nerve problems, weakness," says mobile clinic physician Dr. Ronald Martin, "We hope to decrease the risk of falling in the population, not just in nursing homes."

Dr. Morton says the clinic will make regular stops at East Texas retirement and nursing facilities. And best of all, it will be free for those residents.

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