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2/17/04 - Hallsville

Technology Students Turned Movie Makers

It's a lofty goal. Put 50 high school students together in a room and have them all learn two subjects at the same time. Sound impossible? Two Hallsville teachers have found a way to do it.

It may look like a caotic classroom but it's exactly what Multi-media teacher Becky Massey and Technology teacher Toni Erickson intended. [

"We decided that we would have a project where the students could use for our multi-media or tech ed credit," syas Becky Massey.

So the two combined their classes and came up with a project that would also help students earn credit in other subjects like English and History. The project is making a movie.

"We just picked 'Romeo and Juliet'. We use a story board. Each little square that we drew is a movement basically," says Jessica Melton.

Next step, the actors.

"What I did was I got the clay and made it into the shape of the face. We use pipe cleaners in them so that whenever we move them will be able to bend them without them breaking on us," says Shanna Turci.

Then it's time to create the scene.

"Our project is actually going to be like the burglars beak into the donut shop. We made kind of a mock-up of the donut shop," says Zahck Israel.

Much of the scenery is printed from the internet.

Next, it's time for the tedious part. Each character is placed on fishing wire and moved ever so slightly to take nearly 200 still photos for each story.

"It's probably not going to be 'Finding Nemo' or 'Chicken Run' but I'm real excited about seeing what they're going to produce when it's all over with," says Toni Erickson. 

The students have been very creative for this project. One group is doing the "Kent State Riot", the Vietnam protest that ended with four students being killed.

They still have to add music and edit their movies on the computer, but they're expected to be completed in a couple of weeks.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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