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Enforced abortion law sparks controversy


The law is being challenged, but right now, doctors are still required to show sonogram pictures to women requesting an abortion.

A federal appeals court in New Orleans ruled that Texas can enforce this abortion law, which passed last year.

Opponents are challenging the law, saying it violates doctors' rights to free speech.

One East Texas woman says the law is needed.

Grace English says when she was 18, she made the choice to have an abortion.

"I was in denial because nobody knew I had an abortion," recalled Grace, "It was not ever talked about. I would feel that same guilt and pain that would come back haunting me."

Twenty five years later, Grace says, had this law been in effect when she was considering abortion, maybe things would be different.

"If someone had shown me the picture of my baby at the time--when I was contemplating getting an abortion--if I saw the ultrasound picture, that would
have definitely changed my mind," Grace expressed.

Grace's pastor, Doug Clark says, "We believe that the bible teaches that there's a sanctity of life, that God created life in the womb and it starts there."

But not everyone believes looking at a sonogram or listening to the fetal heartbeat is necessary to the decision.

"It just means that a woman who wants an abortion, who has already thought about it, who has already talked to the people she trusts before she ever called us to make an appointment, has to go through even more hoops designed to tell her that the state doesn't agree with the decision she's about the make," says Kelly Hart of Planned Parenthood.
A group of doctors brought suit to block the law, saying it violated their right to free speech.

"I think it interferes with the doctor to make his best medical judgement," says Hart.

Hart says Planned Parenthood has been against the law since the beginning, but says regardless, they will comply with whatever the law requires them to do.

As for Grace, she says the law is the only thing that will help those who can't help themselves.

"Who knows what that baby would have done. And there are so many people who want babies to adopt," Grace says.

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