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Have hogs destroyed your yard? Hog prevention tips here


Smith County residents say their properties are being over-run by wild hogs, tearing up property both in and around Tyler.

We met with a couple of hog pros to find out why the hogs are heading into residential areas, and what exactly they are looking for.

Hog hunter, Jay Wilson, spends every evening searching for hogs, he says "They will come up anywhere there's water standing: ponds, creeks stuff like that, they will go to water, pigs got to have water."

Recently, Wilson spends just as much time in city limits as the county catching hogs. "They get to the roots of the grass and stuff, grubs, any kind of insects, they'll eat just about anything," says Wilson.  

With the summer drought, water sources seem to be low, forcing some hogs to head to the city for their water and food.

"They're after grub worms and it goes back to yards are typically fertilized and so there's more nutrients in the soil, inside the city," says hog buyer, Phillip Swallows.

Swallows says after these hungry wild animals hit your yard, it may be too late. "It's very damaging, it takes years to regain your meadow, and unfortunately by the time you get it fixed, here they come back again," says Swallows.

There's no really good way to get them, they reproduce so quick, you can't get on top of them but you can sure put a dent in them," says Wilson.

Swallows says home owners in the city can buy a hog panel to put around the perimeter of your yard, "Typically they're feeding as they walk, and if they bump up against that little 2-foot fence, they'll turn around and go somewhere else."

If that doesn't work, you may need to call some local hog hunters. They will set up hog traps in your yard. Hogs are smart animals, so most of the time, the traps will need to be in disguise.

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