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Stars shine in Longview as women recognized for good work


Today marks an annual celebration in Longview -- the Stars over Longview luncheon -- where 12 women will be honored for the work they do in and around Longview.

"I believe this is the 11th year that we've done Stars over Longview. It's an event where we recognize women within the Longview community who either live here in Longview or work here in Longview who make a difference," said Jill Berney, the Chief Operating Officer of Longview Regional Medical Center.

Organizers of the event say they're overwhelmed with nominations every year by people wanting to recognize all the women of their community who are helping out in ways large and small.

Twelve women are chosen each year, one for each month, and are nominated by people in the community for making a difference.

"This is a great community where there's lots of stuff going on, and to be able to recognize the people who are making a difference who might not get that recognition another kind of way," Berney said.

Women who serve in their churches and schools, in nonprofits, charities, and in elected office, and who offer care to the community through food and medicine.

"Most of them are very humble women. Most of them are very surprised that they've been nominated, and feel very honored that they were nominated for something they feel like they would have been doing anyway.They're doing this service behind the scenes," said Berney.

There's one lesson Berney says every woman can take away from Stars over Longview, even if they don't attend today's event.

"One person can make a difference. One small thing can make a difference and so many of us do it, and so when we're challenged with our time constraints or our busy lives, to take the time to do that one thing, because it's making a difference here, it's making a difference here in Longview," Berney said.

The event starts at 12 pm at Longview's Maude Cobb Center.

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