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Rainy days & Mondays

East Texas has been experiencing a pretty good amount of rainfall the last 24 hours. Some areas may get as much as three inches--not that we're trying to steal any of Mark Scirto's thunder, as it were.

The rain affects East Texans in different ways, depending on their profession, so we went out to see what the rain is doing for you.

Last summer it seemed East Texas would dry up and burn away. At that time it was hard to remember what this felt like. We've had some steady rainfall, but most of us are hoping for more. John Reedy has a landscaping business.

"It affects us some. We have to adjust our work schedules and different things we have to do. The rain is of course, extremely necessary right now. We're so far behind. One of the things that's not a heavy rain where it's all running off. We are getting a lot of ground absorption which is good," he said.

Kirkpatrick Hardware is locally owned and lost some sales during last summer's drought. Bruce Richter noticed some things weren't selling.

"We do a lot of business with landscapers and do it yourselfers outdoors and it was just brutal. We sold a lot of garden hoses and sprinklers and sprinkler systems, but the equipment sales: the mowers..it did hurt the sales of that kind of material," he said.

And, even though it's cold he says things are greening up a little. There are others who are directly affected by precipitation like Tim Taylor here.

"I think it's good to keep us inside today. But, its much needed for sure. I just want to see the lakes come up," he said.

Tim likes to dip a hook in the water after he washes out his brush, so he hopes that.

"It could rain for three weeks and that would be fine," he said.

"And you'd get a little vacation," I said.

"Well, vacation from pay too, but we'll worry about that later," he said.

No matter what their business, East Texans are definitely soaking it all in.

Mandatory water restrictions are still in effect in Tyler. The ground is finally saturated, but lake levels have not risen.

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