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2/16/04 - Frankston

Not Just Another "Hat Act"

  The hit single "gone to pieces" has propelled Brooks Atwood into a career he had dreamed of for years. "We're in 27 stations and 23 or 24 states across the country and picking up more every week and got a single on the top fifty."
  Atwood recorded "gone to pieces" over a decade ago during a stay in Nashville that almost, but not quite, made him a star. The song was part of a CD called "This Hat Ain't No Act."
  "Ken Williams and I were over at MCA Publishing and he was introducing me to another writer and the writer says, 'oh great, that's what we need another texas hat act'. I said, 'yeh, but this hat ain't no act.' " 
  Atwood's cowboy hat is even less an act today where, in addition to owning an air conditioning business, he runs over seven hundred head of cattle on his Frankston ranch. The re-emergence of a career Atwood thought was long dead, has been quite a suprise. "I'd given up on the music. I had not thought about music in a decade or more. I'm involved in my own businesses and have a somewhat large family and that was the last thing that would have occured to me. That's country and baby that's my country style."
  Although not something he had planned, the rebirth of Atwood's career is something he's enjoying, and feels he can handle better than the first time around. "Every band tries to live up to that honky tonk hero on stage personna and that's not never was me. You know I think there's a faction out there that likes to see just a down home guy that likes to go home every night to his wife and family."
   While Atwood may sing about going to pieces, his feet are very solidly planted on the ground. His wife and four children are the most important things in his life and if he can have a country music career too..well, he says that's just great. "The job I'm proudest of is trying to be the best husband I can be and the best daddy I can be..anything else is just gravy."

Joan Hallmark, reporting. 

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